Let's work together to do our 2 bob's worth for the community!

Two Bob's Worth has been born out of Open Innovation facilitated by the Australian Social Innovation eXchange and Vodafone App Aid.

After huge success at the Vodafone App Aid competition last week, we are updating our website with the great new desi gn developed by Jaz and AJ from the amazing team at Vivant - the best mobile developers in the world!

Please come back tomorrow or email andrew@twobobsworth.org.

Below is a "video mime" of our presentation to kick things off on day 1 of the Australian Social Innovation Camp.

Check out the Two Bob's Worth beta that was built at the inaugural Australian Social Innovation Camp (or just check out the video and photos of what went on below):

You can read more about the initial focus of Two Bob's Worth over on the project page at ASIX.

We want this project to provide the foundation for an organisation that is committed to technology for the public benefit and in support of other charities. You can read our objects here.

Take a look and contribute your ideas on our wiki's ideas page at wiki.twobobsworth.org.

You can also follow us on Twitter at @2BobsWorth.